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Versiplast Can 1Gallon

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This coating is a special blend of resins, silica sand and binding agents, that will trowel successfully on the most resistant surfaces.

1. Can be used over laminates, stainless steel, glass, plastic, and ceramic tile.

2. Can be over-coated with most decorative plasters after Faux Grip has cured. Avail. Q, 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal.









  OVER LAMINATES                           OVER WOOD       

          OVER GLASS                        OVER CERAMIC

Photos depict samples that have been prepared to show Fuax Grip before and after application.


   Versiplast Can 1Gallon Faux Grip is a trowellable coating that will bond to the most difficult surfaces. This coating was developed to deal with a 10,000 sq. ft contract in N.Y.C. that required a decorative finish directly over ceramic tile. The contract was a fitness center that had old, brown 6" x 3" baked tile on all the common wall areas dating back to 1933. The architect wanted a new look to the facility, but the budget could not accomodate the removal and repair of all surfaces prior to a decorative treatment. So we were asked to find a way of dealing with all criteria. The result was a total breakthrough in adhesive technology, not only did our product adhere, but it took a chisel and hammer to remove it. It builds quickly to fill old grout and dries in one hour under ventilated conditions. Faux grip will bond to;

  4. GLASS
  5. PLASTICS                                          

 Faux grip consists of a hybrid resin and a medium sized silica sand NOTE: if the final faux treatment must be smooth ie/ venetian plaster or paint with glaze, overcoat this product with Versiplast to level the surface.